ZIMCHE shares notes with Standards Association of Zimbabwe

March 30 , 2016

On 30 March 2016, the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education compared notes on key tenets of constructing standards and regulating them with the Standard Association of Zimbabwe(SAZ).

At the invitation of the ZIMCHE executive, SAZ came to the ZIMCHE offices in Harare to discuss regulatory practices, concepts and key tenets of standards regulatory framewoks in the region

Mr Godfrey Dube of the Standard Association of Zimbabwe pointed out that standards were key to quality achievement in all institutions

Commenting on the meeting, the ZIMCHE CEO Prof. Ngara said "the meeting was fruitfull and we hope to continue our interaction with SAZ on these matters of mutual benefit."

The purpose of ZIMCHE is to promote and co-ordinate education provided by institutions of higher education and to act as a regulator in the determination and maintenance of standards of teaching, examinations, academic qualifications and research in institutions of higher education.


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